Below are links to companies whos products and services I have personally used and can recommend to others. I generally do not receive any compensation for referrals (Tire Rack being the exception), but if you talk to the vendor and mention you saw them here it can only help improve my standing with them :)

Sector111 - great source for Federal Elise parts and upgrades in the US.

Hartley Enterprises - manufacturer of the H1 V8 engine used in the D1

The Tire Rack - Tires, Wheels, Brakes, Suspension and Other Peformance Products

Shock Shop - great source for Ohlins and other shocks, custom valving and dyno testing.

Geartronics - very sophisticated electronic paddle shift system, used on the D1

BurkeBuilt - excellent fabricator of tube structures and frames, located in San Diego area.

Taylor Race Engineering - supplier of chain drive differentials and other driveline parts.

Willamette Pattern Works - 5-axis CNC machining of foam patterns for composites molds.


These are some sites that I have found informative, useful and/or entertaining. You may too.

Jaydee Quantum - an Australian lightweight supercar. Skeletal frame, huge power!

Kimini 2.2 project - custom garage-built car with Mini-replica bodyshell. Kurt's book about the build is highly recommended for people contemplating their own custom designs/builds.

Meerkat - custom mid-engine two seat sportscar.

La Bala - another project along the lines of Meerkat.

FrankenMini - a 'classic' Mini estate converted to RWD and Ford power

Sports Racer Network - dedicated to DSR/CSR and similar racecars, but a great resource for designers and builders of race machinery of all kinds. Forum is especially useful - some very knowledgeable contributors.


Some of the frequently requested files are here. I certify that I am the original author and copyright owner of these files. They may be downloaded free of charge for personal, non-commercial use. If you re-distribute the files please acknowledge their source (a link to this site will suffice). No warranty of any kind is provided and user assumes full responsibility for any and all use.

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Hayabusa Engine IGES file (275K, zipped) - complete 3D model suitable for use in designing custom frames. Assumes use of TTS dry sump. Accuracy is about 1/4". For reference, engine weight as modeled is 180 lbs.

Yamaha R1 Engine IGES (pre-'04?) (761K, zipped) - courtesy of Mike Stieff.

Driver IGES file (290K, zipped) - a 3D model of a driver positioned as in dp1 (40 degree recline, feet raised 3"). Suitable for designing racecar cockpits. Assumes 'average' male build, about 5'11" and 180 lbs.

Driver SolidWorks 2004 file (780K, zipped) - parametric model of the driver allowing you to change position and size (just edit Sketch 1). Requires SolidWorks 2004 or later.

Quaife inline reversing box IGES (451K) - courtesy of Doug Smyth.