Mixing it up with racecars (32M)

A clean 1:24 lap of PIR (21M)

A 1:29 lap of PIR in early testing (20M)

Playing with a Ford GT (17M)

Some external footage at PIR (no sound) (21M)

Helmetcam view of a 1:29 lap at PIR (15M)

Nose-mounted camera view of a lap at PIR (19M)

First spin. Fun :) (5M)

Outside footage of first kart track outing (7M)

First in-car video on a kart track (28M)

Clutch adjusted, first drive. IT'S ALIVE! (44M)

First engine start. It runs but clutch jams. (22M)

Bodywork install and removal (11M)

First dp1 video - just of the chassis and car rotated onscreen (7M)