Wheelbase: 80.5"

Length: 113"

Width: 71"

Height: 39" (top of rollbar)

Ground Clearance: 1.5"

Drivetrain: proprietary AWD system with chain drive and limited slip differentials

Chassis: advanced composite monocoque, quick-change bodywork

Wheels: 13x8 Tires: 20x8-13 race slicks

Engine: Custom 3,000cc V8, 400+hp @10,000 RPM, 220 lb-ft @6500 RPM

Gearbox: Hewland 5-speed sequential with reverse

Weight: 850lb

Power/weight: 1035 hp/metric ton (2.125 lb/hp)


MSRP: $150,000


*** The dp1 will carry a one-year Limited Warranty.

*** A one-day racetrack orientation is included on delivery.



1. All specifications and pricing are preliminary based on current prototype and are subject to change. Customers with deposits shall be notified of any such changes and will have the option to have their deposit refunded if changes are not acceptable. A deposit guarantees price no higher than MSRP advertised on this site at the time of deposit.

2. Pricing is for complete, ready-to-drive cars. Non-metallic paint is standard, other optional finishes available.

3. Cars are intended for recreational track use only. No compliance with regulations for street-legal vehicles is either intended or planned.

4. Due to AWD system cars are not eligible for any existing SCCA road racing class. Other clubs, such as NASA, may allow dp1 to compete, however no guarantee of eligibility can be made at this time. The cars may be eligible for SCCA Solo competition in Modified class.