2009 Palatov dp1

What is the dp1? First and foremost, it's an ultimate form of self-expression. But not just artwork - it is art that works. A living, carbon-and-alloy manifestation of what I think a true performance car should be. The driver. The motor. The car. Just enough to give the driver full mastery of the motor's power... The best art is engaging. The dp1 goes far beyond just that. It's about controlling more energy than one was born with. It's an extreme. A pure concept extrapolated to its logically insane conclusion. It is definitely not for everyone. But for the few who understand it and have the skill to control it, this just might be the ultimate performance machine.

To put the dp1 in perspective, consider that it has the horsepower of a Ferrari F360 but weighs 2,200 lbs less! That's right, this is not a typo - the dp1 is a full metric ton lighter than the Ferrari. And it's All-Wheel-Drive. Let that sink in for a while. Then read on.